Myers Property Management is focused on finding quality tenants, maintaining the value of your asset, and producing positive cash flow for you as a home owner or investor.

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I believe that Integrity, Kindness & Respect should always be expected in life.  I have been a Realtor since 2006 and my goal is to provide outstanding service to all my clients and team members.  I have helped hundreds of clients find outstanding deals on purchases and get fair prices on home sales, while ensuring smooth transaction.

I am the Broker / Owner of Myers Realty and I always enjoy talking about Careers in Real Estate, Property Management, and Investment Opportunities.

I would love to help you have the same success that I've experienced.

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​​G.R. Myers  Real Estate Broker

Quality homes for quality people

Becoming a Real Estate Professional is easier than you may think.  I am always in search of quality people who would like to work in this industry.  Contact me if you would like to get information on career opportunities.

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